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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Leo and Sons Carpet Cleaning know how difficult it can be to maintain your carpet and keep it clean and protected from life's inevitable dirt and stains. We offer a safe, effective process that removes even deep down dirt and stubborn stains while remaining safe for infants and pets. We pre-spray an emulsifier that breaks up the soil. This is followed by water and a textile rinse to restore a neutral PH level. Powerful suction removes deep down dirt and up to 95% of moisture for a quick drying time. Leo and Sons Carpet Cleaning offer only the best in carpet and fabric protection.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Leo and Sons Carpet Cleaning protect your investment! Every day, harmful soils are ground into your carpet that cause wear and unsightly traffic areas. Regular cleaning and protection from Leo and Sons Carpet Cleaning removes this dirt to prevent wear and extend the life of the carpet. Leo and Sons Carpet Cleaning's deep cleaning process also improves indoor air quality by removing allergens and microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpets and contaminate the air you breathe. Leo and Sons Carpet Cleaning have your answer for any commercial problem. Powerful emulsifiers for kitchen and food grease or heavy foot traffic. An array of deodorizers and odor eliminators for a variety of problems. Carpet and fabric protectants to allow your carpet and upholstery to withstand the heavier commercial traffic and look good for years to come.


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